Role play

When you hire a high class escort, you can do a lot of things with her. You can take her to a formal dinner without having to worry whether or not she’ll fit in with your colleagues or you can just stay inside and talk. Another option that is becoming more and more popular is the role play option. You can choose from a big array of professions, but we have a new option that we need to share with you. It is that of the roulette dealer and the casino player. To us it seems like a great combination, as whoever loves escorts likes to live on the edge and gambling is a part of that.

Game rules

Of course, you can take it as far as you want, but we have a room available with a professional roulette table. You can choose to be the only player, or you can have more players on the table. These can be other “guests” or other escorts, it’s up to you. And to spice things up, you can also get your own private room and make the initial contact with your escort through a webcam. As if she were a live online roulette dealer. We got a lot of great feedback about this option.

Sexy Roulette

The reason why we chose roulette as the first casino game to try this activity with, is because as opposed to other table games, the rules are quite simple. You pick a number you like and hope the ball falls into the socket that belongs to it. Of course the casino game is a bit more elaborate, but the main goal will always be to guess the correct number. Once you have chosen a number, you can get busy with more important things. On or off the roulette table.

Naughty rules

Within this option, you can also choose to actually play roulette. The escort that will be assigned to you is a trained casino dealer, so she is fully qualified to lead casino games. However, as we don’t have a gaming license, we can only have you play with chips. These can entitle you to a lot of interesting extras, including an extra girl if you are really lucky. So it’s worth taking a shot on our roulette table of love. Even if you end up not winning anything, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Roulette basics

After briefly mentioning that roulette is quite an easy game to play, we feel like it’s better to also give some explanation about the basic rules. Our roulette tables consist of 36 red and black numbers sockets and a green one that holds the 0. You can choose to play inside bets or outside bets. The inside bets are more expensive, but also get you the best prizes. These bets are placed on the table in the fields with numbers. You can choose to bet on 1 up to 6 number per chip. All of the bets outside of these number fields are called outside bets. These are cheaper and the odds of you winning are higher. You can for example bet on black or red, high or low numbers or even or odd.

More information

Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to book the roulette option right away? We cannot blame you as it’ll provide you with a great casino experience. You can contact us for bookings. But you are also welcome to contact us if you want more information on the option. We are here to help and make sure you get an unforgettable experience.